Power Flushing

Powerflush Heating Systems

If you have a Central Heating System, you can prevent failures and make your heating system work to its best by taking advantage of our Powerflush service.
We believe our engineers we offer the lowest price for the best Power Flushing service of any plumber or energy supplier.

What is Power Flushing?

As the water in your heating system circulates and stands when the system is not running the water is reacting with the metals in the system which creates a chemical reaction which creates sludge coupled with the effects of temporary or permanent hard water. In the same way that the oil in your engine needs to be changed your heating system and radiators need to be cleaned to prevent failure or boiler / pump failure.
Even if you have had a central heating system for a number of years, and you need to replace your boiler, you may not need to replace all or indeed any of your radiators. However, in order to comply with part L of building regulations, when installing a new boiler into an old system, it is now essential that a power flush is carried out on your radiators and pipe work.

How it works

This power flush, or jet flush as it is sometimes known, involves pushing a high pressure jet of water through your central heating system. The result is that it clears out the buildup of lime scale and grime that can accumulate out of sight on the inside of your radiators. This will increase the heat that you receive from your radiators without the cost or mess of replacing them.
Power flushing your system will ensure a longer life for your new boiler, whilst reducing cold spots in radiators and therefore, increasing efficiency. 

Powerflush heating systems in Northampton

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